Most bending parts are made using processes and methods such as hanging bending, in mold bending, and bending and pressing

Folding and hemming
The edge of the plate is usually completely bent to form an edge twice the thickness of the plate. This processing can make the workpiece more stable and the edge of the workpiece is rounded and not sharp. This device is completed in two steps: first, the 30° angle must be folded, and then the workpiece must be placed back in and the angle must be pressed. This device can realize automatic switching between bending and flattening, reducing the need to manually move sheets or change molds, effectively reducing the labor intensity of bending operators and greatly improving the production efficiency of parts.

Mold cabinet
The machine integrates a set of mold cabinets for easy storage of molds and prevents the precision of high-progress molds from decreasing due to surface contamination and deformation.