Development sustainability-DWK

Actively building and implementing an ESG management system

Ecological Sustainability

The Earth is our home for survival. We closely follow the national sustainable development strategy, respond to the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Initiative, and develop bending equipment with a wider range of uses, high automation level, low energy consumption, and low maintenance costs. We pursue more sustainable development, flexibility, environmental protection, and efficiency, and promote the transformation of production and processing processes to green and low-carbon, Continuously providing partners with better equipment with greater economic and ecological value.

Environmental Management System Certification

Humanistic Sustainability

We continuously strengthen the working environment and care for our employees, equip advanced protective equipment for frontline workers, and test working environment by third parties regularly. We continuously improve the intelligence and safety of bending equipment, providing convenient, safe and efficient production tools for operators.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Enterprise Sustainability

  • Innovation-driven

    The company has increased investment in research and development, encouraged innovation, and established an innovation incentive mechanism. Our company has obtained multiple important patents in the industry, laying a solid foundation for the company's sustained and healthy growth.
  • Scientific Management

    Implement full process control of product quality, promote factories to improve production technology and processes, and promote the company to become more information-based and professional.
  • Quality Control

    From product design and development to raw material procurement, specialized production processes, strict quality standards, comprehensive after-sales service, and full process control of product quality.

Sustainable Cooperation

"Always be a partner"

As a trustworthy partner, we strive to establish long-term cooperation, maintain close and open relationships, and adhere to our service philosophy
Close to customers' needs, providing personalized customization services for products, closely linking supply and demand.
Update and iterate existing products, innovate processes and technologies, flatten sales and management methods

Accurate and efficient service, thinking about the needs of customers, urgent customers' require, the road will become wider and wider.
For products and services, do what we say. Support you throughout the product lifecycle.

Close to Customers

Efficient Service

Keep Promises

Product Innovative